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بالتك 2011 المشهور عالميا كاحد افضل برامج التواصل , فهو برنامج دردشة صوتية وفيديو مباشرة , يامكانك استخدام بالتك لارسال رسائل صوتية , الانضمان الى غرف دردشة فيديو , دردشة صوتية , بالتك فيديو , عمل الاتصال المباشر بالفيديو , العديد من خيارات البالتك الغنية عن التعريف 

 للتحميل اضغط هنا

Paltalk’s integration of video, audio and text chatting unified into one window makes for a strong chatware program that includes a wealth of features.

Parental controls employ a password to change settings or block groups; adult content is hidden by default and all rooms are moderated. Add in the room ratings of GR and A, and safe chatting is a cinch. Right-clicking a person’s name gives a user-defined amount of personal information, with private room invite and file sending options. Sessions can be printed and saved, and buddy lists from other chat accounts can be automatically imported. Latest updates include screening rooms to share online vids, music feeds from Rhapsody and multiplayer games in case you get bored talking.

However, the abundance of pop-up ads, which strike even while you’re in the middle of joining a room, might motivate users to pay for a subscription or look elsewhere. Free accounts only can open Webcams for a few seconds, while paid users can open multiple video windows. The app crashed for us when closing, and the system slowdowns were disappointing. Uninstalling Paltalk left an icon on the desktop.

Still, the thousands of rooms for politics, karaoke, tech advice, and porn mean that anybody can find a connection on Paltalk.

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