Skype for Mac تحميل سكايبي ماك


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اخر نسخة لبرنامج السكايبي الخاص بأجهزة الماك











Skype is a great starting point for those interested in Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology offering an interface that’s much like a chat program. To make calls, you’ll need to create a contact list of friends and


family who also have Skype. To make calls to regular handset or mobile phones, you’ll have to sign up with the Skype service. Possibly the best feature of Skype is that you’ll be able to make free computer-to-computer calls anywhere around the world as long as both parties have Skype installed. This includes both audio and video calls.

In the past we liked the intuitive chat-like interface of older versions of Skype and were surprised at the excellent sound quality, even using regular desktop speakers. But the latest version has added a number of interface problems that make the program much harder to use on the Mac. This update adds some enhancements and audio improvements, but you may want to stick with the old version until Skype can iron out the bugs.


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