Math Logicتحميل تنزيل برنامج تعليم الرياضيات للأطفال



برنامج ممتاز يقوم بتعليم مبادئ الحساب للأطفال على شكل ألعاب لتعليمهم مبادئ مادة الحساب من ناحية العد وأصول الجمع والطرح والقسمة والضرب ويقوم البرنامج بعمل اختبارات للطالب ويقيمه ويحتوي على 100 مستوى من الأسئلة الحقيقة برنامج شيق يحتاجه أولادنا أنصح الجميع به

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Publisher’s description 

Math Logic is a math help & learning software for children that is an integral component of math lesson plans. Math Logic is a fun and straightforward computerized online math games method of learning and solving math problems for school students and is used for math lesson plans in nursery and schools. The math help software has been designed for ease of use, fast setup and interactivity. Full Audio-Visual and Multimedia features have been built into the program to make learning the basics of Mathematics an enjoyable learning experience for children.

The aim of the software is to avoid the difficult and boring process present in regular school classrooms whereby basic Mathematical concepts appear very difficult for the beginner and is taught through repetitive and monotonous learning procedures. It changes the usual difficult and tedious learning experience with Maths and makes the subject easy to understand. Version 4 has minor updates and bugfixes.


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